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Discretionary equity Portfolio Manager

"10 minutes a day" trading workflow on Portx UI

  • Open your portfolio which has been automatically preloaded from your Portfolio Management Position system and refreshed live [1 min ]

  • Import your conviction or directly your proposed trades into Portx and rebalance with iOpt [1 min ]

  • Check trades, iterate and once satisfied send the trades [8 mins ]

Equity Analyst / Researcher

Portx UI as research tool. As a PM, you would task your analyst to deepen the understanding on a subset of names in your pipeline. Portx can help the analyst embed and bring his research into the portfolio, test alternative solutions, compare them and paper trading them to compare them live or in a backtest

  • Load a portfolio or use a pre-loaded one. Load convictions or custom universe to represent ideas

  • Optimise with iOpt and add custom constraints to create scenarios. Save scenarios in the Portfolio List and compare them

  • Feedback results into your fundamental analysis and repeat the loop. Nothing gets lost in Portx thanks to a full audit system

Development teams

Portx API can give funds or other software providers the ability to integrate portfolio construction capabilities in existing or new toolkits.

  • Integrate Portx optimisation API into your python code with a few lines of code and expose all or part of the functionalities to your users. There is no need of specialised knowledge.

  • Leverage Portx analytics API to present results in a coherent and integrated framework

  • Use Portx data or your proprietary data and tun on your servers. Portx API has been optimised or performance. Use in integration with Portx UI.

Crypto institutional investor

Portx partners with Crypto funds and solution providers to craft the best possible solution for your needs

  • Use your data or Portx Crypto Risk Model to make sense of the crypto market structure. Analyse risks and returns of crypto assets

  • Leverage Portx UI or API to optimise your wallet to maximise your alpha and tour risk return profile

  • Partner with Portx to create a custom solution


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